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Ship Simulator Center will use the latest technology in the training of seafarers


The tool was built with 100% Brazilian technology, in partnership with the University of São Paulo and Cenpes. There are eight nautical simulators and machines that allow captains, skippers and officers to experience, in a very realistic way, the entire operation of a ship. The equipment is identical to that found on the vessels and recreates external environments very similar to those seen by the crew at work, both at sea and during entry, docking and exit maneuvers at ports and terminals.

With the Simulator Center, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Transpetro works on the basis that it is necessary to go beyond investment when building new ships. It is essential to invest in technology to train and recycle professionals operating these increasingly modern vessels.

The equipment was designed based on the company's own ships, such as the Romulus Almeida, João Cândido and Zumbi dos Palmares tankers, three of the eight new Promef ships already in operation. As such, the work of professionals during the exercises is very close to the reality they face everyday at sea.

For the classes, groups of four students will be formed - one captain, one skipper and two officers.  A psychologist will be responsible for applying the theoretical base, using recent maritime accidents as examples, in order to involve the group in an abnormal environment.

Then, students will encounter situations of low risk and high complexity that may be experienced by crews at sea, such as equipment failures, storms and low visibility. The actions and reactions of the group during the exercises will be monitored in real time by means of cameras, by a team of professionals who will then pass on all the strengths and opportunities for improvement observed to the students.


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