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conheca_a_transpetroPetrobras Transporte S.A. – Transpetro is, currently, a important fuel transportation and logistics company in Brazil. In addition, Transpetro acts in import and export operations of oil and oil by-products, gas and ethanol.

With more than 14 thousand kilometers of oil and gas pipelines, 47 terminals and 56 tankers, Transpetro has the challenge of taking the fuel that drives the country's economy to the more different points of Brazil. Their operations also supply industries, power plants and refineries.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Petrobras, Tranpetro links the areas of production, refining and distribution of the Petrobras System and provides service to several distributors and to the petrochemical industry. Therefore, Transpetro has a nationwide presence, with facilities in 19 of the 27 Brazilian States.

Transpetro was created in June 12, 1998, and today, it is structured in the following business areas: Pipelines and Terminals; Maritime transport and Natural Gas. Abroad, Transpetro acts through the subsidiary Transpetro International BV (TI BV) and cooperates with Petrobras in implementing international projects.

Throughout its history, Transpetro accumulated a unique knowledge that enable this to become differentiated logistics company. This knowledge qualifies Transpetro as the best answer to the needs of the Petrobras System.

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