BR - Transpetro


* Information for the year 2015

Consolidated operating revenue

R$ 9,549 billion 

Net profit

R$ 1,033 billion 

Shareholders’ equity

R$ 5,305 billion 

Cargo moved

Maritime Transport: 66,3 million metric tons of oil, byproducts and ethanol/year
Terminals and Oil Pipelines: 620 million m³ of oil, byproducts and ethanol/year
Gas Pipelines: 74,8 million m³ of gas/day

Storage capacity

Terminals: 10,7 million m³

Gas processing capacity

19,7 million m³/day

Pipelines & Terminals

* Information 2016 (jun)

7.655 km of oil pipelines
7.155 km of gas pipelines
Total pipelines operated: 14.810 km

20 onshore terminals
27 waterway terminals, including 3 regasification terminal Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Pecém, TRBA and Guanabara Bay

Maritime Transport

* Information 2016 (jun)

Fleet with 56 ships

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