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Transpetro performance has been a reason of pride. And the society recognition is translated into many awards  won in Brazil and abroad. In the last years, the Company has grown, adopted new technologies and modernized itself. It has increased, as never before, the quality and safety standards in operation.  For Transpetro, modernity became a synonym of competitiveness and capacity of flying higher and higher. This effort, a result of careful planning that covers the Country’s highest interests, was recognized through important awards.


Certificado Empresa Cidadã (Citizen Company Certificate) – The Regional Accounting Committee of Rio de Janeiro (CRC-RJ) has awarded Transpetro with the Certificado de Empresa Cidadã. In addition to contributions to society and to the environment, the balance from Transpetro assesses investments such as food, private pension plans, health, education, culture, capacitation and professional development of the workforce. The Certificado Empresa Cidadã has been created with the purpose of valuing and encouraging participation of accounting professionals in publishing of the social and environmental actions from Brazilian companies.
Melhores e Maiores de Transporte (Transportation Biggest and Best)
– Performed by the Transporte Moderno magazine, the award has chosen Transpetro as the Biggest Maritime and Fluvial Transportation Operator, in the net operational revenue category. The Maiores e Melhores de Transporte 2014 ranking has evaluated revenues from 1048 companies from 22 different transportation categories. Nine criteria define de classification of companies: net operational revenue, net patrimony, net profit, current ratio, general debt, revenue profitability, net patrimony profitability, capital productivity and increase of income.

ADVB/SC Award – Transpetro was awarded for the Green Belt Project of the São Francisco do Sul Terminal (SC) under the Environmental Preservation category. The award was delivered by the Brazilian Marketing and Sales Directors Association (ADVB), de of Santa Catarina.

The Best of Dinheiro 2014 – The award, promoted by the Istoé Dinheiro Magazine, elected Transpetro as the Country’s best company in the transport sector. The award recognizes organizations in the financial, social responsibility, sustainability and environment, innovation and quality and corporate governance aspects, in a broad analysis of the performance of companies and the economy in Brazil.

Child-Friendly Company – In 2014, Transpetro was once more recognized as a Child-Friendly Company by the Abrinq Foundation, confirming the importance of actions developed by the Company in favor of children and teenagers. The Program mobilizes and recognizes organizations whose social actions promote and defend the rights of people in these age groups.

Statement of Corporate Commitment to Combat Sexual Violence against Children - Demonstrating its commitment to society and to sustainable development of the communities where it operates, Transpetro adhered to the Declaration of Commitment on Corporate Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents. Thus, the Company agrees to extend the agenda of corporate social responsibility through the completion of actions to sensitize its employees and supply chains in the disclosure of complaint channels such as Dial 100, and other topics relating to the rights of children and adolescents. Moreover, Transpetro undertakes to maintain contractual clauses to reject any form of sexual exploitation, and ensure monitoring of these commitments made.

ADVB/PE Top of Marketing Award – The award-winning Project “Refine to preserve” (“Re-refinar para preservar”), supported by Transpetro, is developed with fishermen from São Sebastião. It seeks to avoid the risk of accidental disposal of burnt oil in the ocean, helping to maintain the quality of the water and the fish. From the industrial refinement process, leftovers are transformed into basic oil and, again, into raw material, eliminating risks to the environment and generating income. The award, granted by the Brazilian Marketing and Sales Directors Association (ADVB), contemplates corporate social responsibility projects and actions of respect for the environment, in the local and national scenario, developed for the internal audience or for the community.


The best of Dinheiro - Transpetro was elected, for the third consecutive year, as best company in the Transport Services sector by Istoé Dinheiro magazine. The title reinforces the Company’s contribution in a crucial area for the growth of the country. The special edition As melhores da Dinheiro brings a ranking of companies that have been prominent in financial, social and environmental, innovation, human resources and corporate governance management.
Citizen Company Certificate - The Regional Accounting Council of Rio de Janeiro (CRC-RJ) conferred upon Transpetro the Citizen Company Certificate for the fourth consecutive year. The award aims to encourage companies to improve the quality of accounting and social and environmental information published in annual reports. A total of 61 companies were certified, observing criteria such as audits, transparency and disclosure of investments made in the social and environmental scope.
Lloyd’s List - The CEO of Petrobras, Maria das Graças Silva Foster, was appointed by the British publication Lloyd’s List as one of the 100 most influential people in shipping. The businesswoman was ranked 10th along with Transpetro CEO, Sergio Machado. In 2012, Foster and Machado were ranked 17th. Together, Petrobras and Transpetro helped making of Brazil the third largest oil tanker and the fourth largest vessel portfolios in the world. A special highlight must be given to Promef that, with investments of up to R$ 11.2 billion, will have received, by 2020, orders of 49 ships and 20 waterway fleets from national shipyards. Lloyd’s List is one of the world’s leading newspapers for the maritime industry, covering all sectors of the shipping world.   
Naval Award for Quality and Sustainability (PNQS) - Transpetro was honored in the third edition of the Award, for its contribution to the shipping industry in the Country. The award is an initiative of Fundação Cultural ARO and the Brazilian Union of Shipbuilding, Ship repair and Offshore Industries.


Citizen Company Certificate– Transpetro received for the second time the title of Citizen Company, awarded by the Self-Regulating Body of the Accountancy Profession of Rio de Janeiro (CRC-RJ) to companies that stand out for the quality and transparency of accounting and environmental information published in annual reports. The annual report is one of the tools to provide accounts and dissemination of Transpetro's actions to federal agencies, clients, institutions, suppliers, partners, employees and civil society. The Citizen Company certificate was created in 2003, with the goal of valuing and encouraging the participation of the accounting professionals in the publication of the environmental initiatives of Brazilian companies.

Melhores_Brasil_2012As melhores da Dinheiro - For the second consecutive year, Transpetro has been elected as the best transportation company in Brazil by the magazine “Istoé Dinheiro”.

Melhores do Brasil 2012 (Best of Brazil 2012) – In June, Transpetro achieved first place in the category Transport and Logistics Services of the award Melhores do Brasil 2012. Organized by Empresa Jornalística Econômico S.A. (EJESA), the award has given rise to a yearbook containing information on the most celebrated companies of last year in 21 different categories.

Troféu Fator Brasil Premium –  Given for the first time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the magazine Revista Fator, the trophy aimed to honor 45 companies and entities that contributed to the sustainable development of Brazil.


Melhores e Maiores de Transporte  (The Biggest and Best in Transport) – Carried out by the magazine Transporte Moderno, the award elected Transpetro as the largest transport operator in terms of net operating income and best transport operator in the Maritime and River Transport category. The ranking Biggest and Best in Transport 2011 assessed balance sheets of 1048 companies from 22 different transport categories. 

Certificado Empresa Cidadã (Citizen Company Certificate) – The Regional Accounting Council of Rio de Janeiro (CRC- RJ) has granted Transpetro the Citizen Company Certificate. Besides the contributions to society and environment, Transpetro balance sheet evaluates investments such as foods, pensions, health, education, culture, training and professional development of its workforce.
As Melhores da Dinheiro 2010 (The Best of Dinheiro 2010) - Given by Istoé Dinheiro Magazine, the award elected Transpetro the best company in the Brazilian transportation segment, among the 500 largest companies of Brazil. Considered the most recognized and comprehensive survey of the managerial practices of Brazilian companies.

Prêmio Top Social da ADVB (Top Social Award of ADVB) – Due to Programa Aprendiz Transpetro (PAT-Transpetro Apprentice Program), the Company was recognized by the Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing Managers. PAT is a program of education for work that addresses youngsters in needy communities near company’s facilities. The goal is to help reducing the number of youngsters that quit school to work, due to the need to supplement their family’s income.

Prêmio Responsabilidade Social Bacia de Campos (Campos Basin Social Responsibility Award) – With the project Formando Cidadãos (Forming Citizens), carried out in a partnership with Sesi-Macaé, Transpetro has placed 2nd in the Major Corporations category. Organized by the magazine Revista Socioambiental, the award has the purpose of recognizing innovative initiatives by companies, people and institutions that perform work toward sustainability and human development. The project Formando Cidadãos offers the workers of Cabiúnas Terminal (Tecab) who had no formal education the opportunity to resume studying.


marketing_sustentab2010Prêmio Marketing Best Sustentabilidade – The purpose of the award is to encourage, recognize and disseminate the examples of sustainable initiatives, and it is organized by Editora Referência, responsible for the publications Revista Marketing magazine, Revista Propaganda magazine, and Jornal Propmark newspaper. In the 2010 issue, it awarded two projects of Transpetro’s: Escola Cieds - Barueri em Foco, which develops programs of training in management of economic enterprises for socially vulnerable youngsters; and Levando a Vida na Flauta, which promotes the social inclusion of children and adolescents in situation of social risk in Macaé (RJ), through the creation of a flute orchestra.

Prêmio Top Marketing ADVB RJ 2010 –  Transpetro received from the Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing Managers (ADBV-RJ) the Top Marketing award for the case "Investiture of the first Female Commander of the Brazilian Merchant Marine", which covered all the communication actions carried out to divulge, internally and externally, the nomination of Hildelene Lobato Bahia.
Prêmio Maiores & Melhores do Transporte e Logística (Biggest & Best in Transportation and Logistics Award) - Transpetro was once more elected the best river and sea transportation operator by the magazines Transporte Moderno and Technibus, published by OTM Editora. The winners are selected on the basis of an accounting assessment, which creates a ranking of ten largest companies in net operating revenues.


Prêmio Visão da Agroindústria Brasil  (Brazil Agrobusiness View Award ) – For the second time in a row, Transpetro was recognized as an Outstanding Company in Alcohol Transportation.  The Award, promoted by Grupo Visão through the magazine Revista Visão da Agroindústria, is a recognition and tribute to agribusiness companies and personalities that stood out last year in the whole country.

maiores_melhores_2009Maiores e Melhores do Transporte e Logística (The Biggest and Best in Transport and Logistics) – The award is a public recognition as the best company in the Maritime and River modality.  In its 22nd edition, the award created by the magazines Transporte Moderno, Technibus and Global was based on the financial statements, on December 31st, 2008, of 752 leading companies in the transport sector.

Empresa Cidadã (Citizen Company) – Transpetro is part of the team of 15 companies that have been complimented in 2009 by the Santa Catarina State branch of ADVB (Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing Managers). The Company stood out in the Environmental Preservation category, with the case “Práticas pedagógicas de educação ambiental aliadas à conservação e à preservação do meio ambiente por meio da Trilha Ecológica Sensitiva: a Mata Atlântica como você nunca viu” (Environmental education teaching practices in line with conservation and preservation of the environment through Ecological Blindfold Trail: the Atlantic Forest as you’ve never seen it before”;

Top Socioambiental ADVB 2009 (Top Socioenvironmental ADVB 2009) – For the significance of their actions and for their outcomes, two projects supported by Transpetro – Programa Transpetro de Formação de Leitores (Transpetro Readers Capacitation Program) and the awareness campaign Não Solte Balões (Don’t launch Sky Lanterns) – received awards by Minas Gerais State branch of the Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing Managers.

Destaque em Transparência (Outstanding in Transparency) –  Transpetro was elected “Outstanding in Transparency” in the third edition of the award 100 Melhores Empresas em Indicador de Desenvolvimento Humano Organizacional (100 Best Companies in Organizational Human Development Indicator - IDHO). Held by the magazine Gestão & RH, it evaluates industrial, commercial and service providing organizations in the items Human Capital, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Transparence and Corporate Citizenry.

top_marketing_2009Top de Marketing –  Transpetro was awarded by the Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing Managers (ADVB-RJ) the “Marketing Top” award for four projects developed with its employees: Festa Junina (St. John’s Festivities), Pratique Segurança (Perform Safety), Programa de Ambientação de Novos Empregados (Program for Acclimatization of New Employees) and Coral Transpetro (Transpetro Choir). Delivered in January, the award has the purpose of rewarding the most prominent professionals and organizations in innovation and efficiency in the market.

Empresa Amiga da Criança (Child-Friendly Company) –  Created in 1995, the program mobilizes companies toward social initiatives in benefit of Brazilian children and adolescents. It encourages social investment by private enterprises in favor of childhood and adolescence, and supports companies in the qualification of their actions, so that they are consistent with the Statute of the Child and Adolescent in Brazil.


Melhores e Maiores (The Biggest and Best) –  traditional indicator of Brazilian companies’ performance, Exame magazine yearbook, of Grupo Abril, released an issue in which the largest organizations of the Country are analyzed in different sectors. Among the 50 largest state-owned companies, for instance, Transpetro reached 13th place, due to its financial performance in 2007, in addition to 30th in the Services sector.  In the indicators related to the State of Rio de Janeiro, Transpetro is second in Investment in Plant, Property and Equipment. And it reached 4th place in Current Liquidity, among the ten largest companies in the State.

Troféu Lobo do Mar (Sea Wolf Trophy) –  Transpetro was given the outstanding company trophy in the category Naval Merit. The decoration was delivered during “Fórum de Desenvolvimento Navegar 2008 - Multimodalismo: O Grande Desafio” (Navegar 2008 Development Forum - Multimodalism:  The Great Challenge), held in August, in Porto Alegre (State of Rio Grande do Sul).

Maiores e Melhores do Transporte e Logística (The Biggest and Best in Transport and Logistics) –  The award won by Transpetro was of the Best Company in the Maritime and River sector, in the category Best Transport Operators, delivered in São Paulo, in November. The balance sheets of 850 transportation companies were taken into account. 

Visão da Agroindústria Nacional (Brazilian Agrobusiness Overview) –  The award, delivered in Ribeirão Preto in November, was granted to the outstanding companies in the industrial sector of ethanol transportation. The new undertakings carried out by Transpetro in the ethanol area reinforced the Company’s commitment in acting with excellence in logistics of energy transportation.

Top Social –  Awarded by the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil (ADVB), in Rio de Janeiro. Transpetro won with two projects: Horta Escolar, created for students of municipal schools in the countryside of Paraíba, and Transpetro Conhecer, of Social and Environmental Responsibility developed in the pipeline and terminal lands of Transpetro.  Its purpose is to include environmental, health and safety issues related to the pipeline network in public schools syllabuses, emphasizing their interface with everyday life.

Atitude Sustentável –  Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Caerj). Transpetro won in the category Attitude Sustentável Trophy with the projects Meros do Brasil, developed in São Francisco do Sul (State of Santa Catarina) and with Programa Formando Cidadãos – Education for Youth and Adults, held at Cabiúnas Terminal (State of Rio de Janeiro). The Company was also awarded the newspaper article trophy with the article Horta Escola Brota no Sertão Nordestino, published in Transpetro Magazine of January/February 2008, written by the journalist Dil Mota.

Empresa_cidada_2008Certificado de Empresa Cidadã (Citizen Company Certificate) –  The Regional Council of Accountancy of Rio de Janeiro granted Transpetro the Citizen Company Certificate. It certificates companies and accountants responsible for the Balance Sheets that, within the information submitted, fulfill the conditions defined by the regulation instituted by Rio de Janeiro State Regional Accounting Council (CRC-RJ).


Empresa mais admirada do Brasil, na categoria logística (Most Admired Company in Brazil, in logistics category) –  Granted by the magazine Revista Carta Capital, it is the result of research held by TNS Interscience institute with 1,276 executives, who chose the most admired companies of the market. Ethics, social responsibility and financial solidity were some of the key factors which ranked Transpetro first.

Melhor empresa do País no setor de Transporte e Logística  (Best Company in the Country, in Transport and Logistics sector) – Award granted by Yearbook 1000, of the newspaper Jornal Valor Econômico, based on performance technical criteria, such as sustainable growth, profitability and net revenue.

Top_social_2007Top Social - Awarded by the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil, to Cadê Você project, a partnership of Transpetro volunteer corps with São Martinho Association (State of Rio de Janeiro) – an institution which assists children and adolescents under social risk.

Inteligência Social (Social Intelligence) – Recognition of companies that practice social responsibility in Brazil, delivered in Recife (State of Pernambuco). Transpetro was an outstanding company in the Citizenship category, with the project Projeto Brigada Mirim Ecológica, developed by Angra dos Reis Marine Terminal (State of Rio de Janeiro).


International Environmental & Social Responsibility and Global Pipeline Award –  Awards granted by the International Pipeline Conference & Exhibition, in Canada, to the project Agricultura Familiar em Faixas de Dutos (Family Farming in Pipeline Lands) and to the program Programa de Integridade de Dutos (Pipeline Integrity Program).

Top Social  – Awarded by the Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing Managers (ADVB-RJ), for Transpetro contribution in the development of the Country and for valuing the exercise of citizenship, by watching the environment. The projects Meros do Brasil, Hortas Comunitárias and Programa de Intercâmbio Comunitário (PIC) stood out.
Melhor Empresa de Transporte Marítimo e Fluvial (Best Company in River and Sea Transportation) - Award given to the Biggest and Best in Transport and Logistics 2006, among the 607 most representative companies of the sector in São Paulo (SP).


Melhor empresa do País no setor de Transporte e Logística  (Best Company in the Country, in Transport and Logistics sector) – Award granted by Yearbook 1000, of the newspaper Jornal Valor Econômico, based on performance technical criteria, such as sustainable growth, activity scope, profitability, net revenue and current liquidity.

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